How to customise the Subtitles

  • In the Subtitle Editor, you will see a button under your video entitled Format Captions.

  • Click here to see a pop-up window with your different options.

  • Under Caption formatting, click on the drop-down option
  • You have 12 fonts available to you so choose the one which suits your project
  • Hit Save when you're ready

Available fonts

Depending on your project needs, we understand that you might need to change the font of your subtitles.

So here is the list of the 12 fonts available for you to use :

  • Archivo 
  • Arial 
  • EB Garamond o8 
  • Helvetica 
  • KG HAPPY Solid 
  • Lobster 
  • Permanent Marker 
  • Roboto 
  • Shrikhand 
  • Tiresias Infofont 
  • Young Serif

At the moment it is not possible to upload your own fonts,  - but we're working on it, so hopefully, you'll see it implemented soon!

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