About invoices

How can I find my invoices?

Every time you make a purchase on Happy Scribe, we will create an invoice for you.

This invoice is viewable on your account, where you can also download or save it for your records. To view your invoices, log in to your account and follow these steps:

  • Click on My Account then click on Settings :
  • Then click on Billing

  • Finally, you will see the View Invoices option :

Which information appears in the invoice?

The information that will appear on the invoice is the information you filled in in your 'Account'. There you can add your name, address, and even your tax number, and edit it any time. Your invoices will also be updated automatically once you do so.

My invoice isn't there

Sometimes the system will require a few minutes to generate the invoice, as it needs to sync with our payment platform, Stripe, and the invoicing software. If it's taking longer than usual to generate, and you need it asap, feel free to send us an email, we'll get straight from the source it for you! :)

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