How does the Affiliate program work?

We're very excited to introduce Happy Scribe's very first Affiliate program!

Why should I become a Happy Scribe Affiliate?

If you love Happy Scribe and would like to promote it to others, this program is for you! 

You will earn an exclusive 25% on each sale that people make using your link in the first 6 months after they sign up. Our current conversion rate is high, oscillating between 10% to 20%!

Also, you have a cookie period of 45 days. That means that if someone uses your link, we will add a cookie on their browser, so even if they don't sign up immediately, they have 45 days to count as direct affiliates from you.

How do I join the program?

It is very easy, you just need to read and understand the Terms of Service of the Affiliate program, and then sign up just by filling this form.

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