How do I create subtitles?

Natural Subtitling Engine

The Natural Subtitling Engine is an algorithm we've developed on top of our transcription product which uses millisecond-level timestamps and heuristics to generate high-quality subtitles. 

Happy Scribe provides two types of subtitles:

  • SubRip Cap (.SRT) is a very basic subtitling format that can be used on most web publishing platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc...)
  • EBU-STL (.STL) is a European format used by many broadcasters for subtitling TV programs.

How do I generate subtitles?

You can generate subtitles in 2 ways :

  1. Upload directly to the Subtitle Generator :

  • Click on 'Upload a new file'
  • Select 'Subtitles'
  • Choose your file and click 'Transcribe'
  • When your file is read, click on it to open it. Hey presto - you're in the Subtitle Generator :)
  1. Upload a Transcript
  • You can also upload a transcript and covert it to subtitles after
  • Open your transcript in the Interactive Editor
  • In the top left corner of the Interactive Editor, hit the Convert to subtitles button
  • Your file will appear in subtitle format! And magic!

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