How to create a Transcript and Subtitles from same file!

The really cool thing about using Happy Scribe is that you can create a Transcript and Subtitles using the same file!

Remember - the first step is the most important one. You can only convert a Transcript into Subtitles. You cannot convert Subtitles into Transcript.

So create a Transcript first! Here's how :

Step 1 : Create a Transcript

  • Click on Upload a new file
  • Then select Transcription

Once you have selected your file, we will then convert it into a Transcript. You're half way there :)

Step 2 : Convert your Transcript into a Subtitle file

  • Click on your transcription file to open it in the Interactive Editor
  • In the top right corner click on Convert to subtitles

And there you go! Transcription and Subtitles with one file :)

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