My Vocabulary

What is My Vocabulary?

My Vocabulary is Happy Scribe's tool that allows you to create your own custom list of up to 100 words for even more accurate transcripts. This tool will be especially useful to you if your files contain technical, medical or legal terms. It also really helps of your audio or video contains acronyms or brand names.

How do I use My Vocabulary? 

There are two ways of adding words to your My Vocabulary list:

  • From the Dashboard:

  • Directly from the Editor:

There is something very important to keep in mind:

Fill your My Vocabulary page before uploading your file. My Vocabulary can't be applied retroactively, so you'll need to make sure that the words are already saved in your My Vocabulary page, and the checkbox is marked when you upload your file, so our system knows to add your new words and phrases.

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