These are the words you'll frequently find when you use Happy Scribe regularly.

A - F

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Albert: Engineer in charge of Professional Transcription. You'll find him going around on his bike, whether it is the city or a mountain.

André: Happy Scribe's CEO and co-founder. He loves windsurfing and discovering new places in Barcelona.

API (Application programming interface): It is an intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other, so you can automate your workflows.

ASR (Automatic speech recognition): It is a process that allows a computer to identify spoken words and convert them to written text. 

Business plan: Plan especially thought for collaboration between teammates. 

CPS (Characters per second): The rate at which words are produced. 

Corrupted file: A damaged file that Happy Scribe isn't able to transcribe. You'll need to re-download it from the original source.

Export: It is the process to convert a file into another format other than the one it is currently in.

Find and replace: Great tool to help you speed up your editing process by replacing words instead of having to do it manually. 

Folder: Folders is a great way to organize your files and documents into coherent projects, or subjects.

Format: The format is the structure of a file that tells a program how to display its contents.

G - K

GDPR (General data protection regulation): It is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.

Integration: It is the connection of data, applications, APIs, and devices to increase efficiency and productivity.

Interactive editor: The perfect tool to help you clean up and edit your transcripts.

Jordi: SEO Manager. He loves to cook, and makes a killer risotto!

L - P

Line break: The point at which text is split into two lines.   

Locked: A file that is longer than your remaining credit. You'll need to purchase enough credit to unlock it.

Marc: Happy Scribe's CTO and co-founder. He's always up for rock climbing and skiing.

Margherita: Happy Scribe's newest member. You'll find her on our most recent Youtube videos.

Maria: Customer Support Manager. She loves to visit museums and going to pottery classes.

My Vocabulary: Helpful tool that allows you to create a custom list of words to make your transcripts more accurate.

Oscar: One of our super engineers. You'll catch this ball of energy playing frisbee and enjoying Vietnamese food.

Password: Good old safety key. Forgetting it is very common, so no worries if it happens, we've all been there!

Pau (not Paul): He built the interactive editor, amongst other features! He loves to discover the hidden calas in Mallorca.

Professional Transcription: You can now ask our team of professional scribes to review your files and proofread them for you.

Q - U

Realign: It's the process of automatically adjusting the time code of every word on your transcript.

Referral: It's a way to earn free credit by recommending Happy Scribe to your friends and family.

Roadmap: A roadmap is a view of where the company is going and what each department is doing to get there.

Save: Very important to ensure that all your progress is safe and properly stored.

Scribe: Name of our Professional Transcribers.

Shane: Head of Operations. His biggest dream is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and is currently on paternity leave.

Shortcuts: Little time-saving commands that will help you save even more time.

Subtitles: They are the text that appears on-screen, and are usually a transcription or translation of the spoken words in the video. 

Sumo-ling: Appsumo user.

Timeline: Handy visual representation that allows you to see the placement of your subtitles.

V - Z

Verbatim: It captures everything that happens in an audio file, from opening doors to laughter and filler words.

Version history: Very useful tool to recover past versions of your file, in case of mistake deletions or edits.

Working 99%: Status in which your file will appear on your Dashboard while it is being transcribed.

Workspace: Shared collaborative space for Business and Appsumo users. 

Yoel: The integration wizard. Yoel loves to cook yummy vegan dishes, and have deep conversations about anything. 

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