What is the auto-recharge?

If you don't want to run out of credit, or for your credit not to fall below 30 minutes, you can activate the Auto-recharge.

How to activate the Auto-recharge

  • Go to My Account > Top-up & Plans 
  • After selecting the number of hours you'd like to purchase, the Auto-recharge option will appear
  • Click on 'Enable Auto-recharge'
  • You'll be lead to the check-out page, and you'll notice that 'Auto-recharge' will appear in the Order Summary
  • After you hit 'Confirm', every time your credit falls below 30 minutes, the system will automatically purchase more credit for you

How to deactivate the Auto-recharge

  • Go to My Account > Settings
  • Select 'Plan', on the right side of the Settings page
  • Click on the 'Disable Auto-recharge' button and refresh the page

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