Human Transcription status meanings

When you request a file to be human-made, you will notice the status of the file change on your Dashboard as it progresses.

Here is what each status means:

  • Preparing: We are uploading your file on the Dashboard and sending it to the Scribes' queue.
  • In queue: Your file is waiting on the queue for a transcriber to pick it.
  • Transcribing: Your file has a Scribe assigned and they are transcribing it.
  • Reviewing: We have selected your file for a random quality assurance check, and it will be reviewed by a second Scribe.
  • Done: Your file has been proofread and is good to go!

Sometimes, you might see an error message instead of the usual status updates. Those will explain the reason why your file couldn't be transcribed. You can find out more about those error messages on the link below.

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