How do I stack my AppSumo codes?

You can stack your codes by using this link : https://www.happyscribe.com/appsumo_stacks/new

Is there a maximum amount of codes I can stack?

Yes, the maximum amount of codes you can stack is 10.

Is translation available on Happy Scribe?

Our translation tool will be ready in early July. We'll be letting our whole community know with an email. We're very excited about it

What languages can I translate in?

At the beginning we will have 9 languages available for translation : English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Does my AppSumo plan cover translation?

Yes it does! There is no extra cost involved to use our translation tool.

Can I transcribe and subtitle my files in Hindi?

Yes! When you sign up, you will have the option to choose the Hindi language when you are uploading files.

Can I upload my own font?

It is not possible to upload your own font to Happy Scribe. If there is a font you would like us to add to our roadmap, please contact us on our live chat and we will add it.

Do you have a Public Roadmap?

We are building a Public Roadmap for all our AppSumo users but for the moment you can check out our projects here : https://www.notion.so/happyscribe/What-s-New-0ecdf5e9a2514448ac84e3491be01787

Why can’t I integrate with Vimeo?

We are aware that our Vimeo integration is having issues. We are now working as fast as we can to fix the Vimeo integration issues and we will soon have it resolved 💪

How can I create a Transcript and Subtiles from the same file?

The first step is to select 'Transcription' and then upload your file. When it is ready, open your transcript in the Interactive Editor and click on the 'Convert to subtitles' button in the top right corner. Hey presto - a transcript and subtitles! Magic

When do I get my monthly renewals?

Your renewals are set to the 1st of each month! So if you buy on Sept 15th then the next recharge will be Oct 1st, then Nov 1st and so on!

How do I get the 50% offer?

You simply need to make a purchase on Happy Scribe and then contact us on our live chat. You have option to be refunded 50% of your payment or we can double the amount of minutes you purchased. Whichever you prefer

Do my hours roll over to the next month?

No your hours do not roll over. But you are never more than 4 weeks away from your next hours and then more hours - and more. For life

When will my monthly minutes be renewed?

We will issue your new free minutes on the first day of every month!

Can I edit any file on Workspaces?

If you are part of a Workspace then you can open, edit and export any file on that Workspace. The only thing you cannot do is translate that file into another language.

Why can't I translate a file on Workspaces?

Only the original uploader of a file to Workspaces can translate that file. If you cannot translate, this is likely because you are not the uploader of the file.
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