Step 1 : Upload your video to Happy Scribe

Click on Upload a new file
Select Subtitles
Connect to your Vimeo account directly from Happy Scribe, pick your file and hit Submit
When your file is ready, click on it to open it

Step 2 : Edit and Export your subtitles on the Subtitle Generator

Edit the captions and adjust the timestamps.
Click Export and select the .srt format
Press Download

Step 3 : Upload the subtitles to your Vimeo video

From the video editing window in Vimeo, click on Distribution in the left hand menu
Scroll down and click on Subtitles
Click on the + symbol to upload your .srt file
Choose the .srt file you have just exported from Happy Scribe.
Hit Save and your subtitles will now be added to your video!

And you've successfully subtitled your Vimeo video with Happy Scribe
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