On Happy Scribe, you can export your file in many different formats as detailed below. For each format you have different exporting options

Text Document
Word Document (.doc)
Plain Text (.txt)
PDF (.pdf)

Markers (Video-Editing)
Adobe Premiere (.xml)
AVID Media Composer

SubRip (.srt)
EBU-STL (.stl)
WebVTT (.vtt)

How to export your file?
Access your transcript and on the top right of your screen, click on Export
A pop up window will appear where you can first, select the format that you want to export your file in and the different options (Display Comments, Speaker Names, Timestamps, Highlights)

Once you're happy with your export option, click on Export

Video Editing
Adobe Premiere
Once you have exported your file from Happy Scribe, go on Adobe Premiere.
A box to select/import files will pop up. Navigate to the folder that contains the XML file and select it.
Once you selected it, the transcript should appear on your Markers.

Natural Subtitling Engine
The Natural Subtitling Engine is an algorithm we've developed on top of our transcription product which uses millisecond level timestamps and heuristics to generate high quality subtitles. Happy Scribe provides two type of subtitles:

SubRip Cap (.SRT) is a very basic subtitling format which can be used on most web publishing platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc...)
EBU-STL (.STL) is a European format used by many broadcasters for subtitling TV programs.
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