The uploading process is very straight forward. To upload a audio or a video file, click on Upload a new file and follow this process:

To select your file, click on "Select the file". Happy Scribe accepts most audio and video formats, you can find the full list here.
Then, select the language in which the file has been recorded from the drop list. Note that Happy Scribe accepts more than 119 languages and accents.

Automatic Frame and Starting timecode detection
When uploading a file on Happy Scribe for video-editing purposes, Happy Scribe will automatically detect the starting timecode and the frame used so your transcripts are never lost in time.

Once you have uploaded your file, it will take us just a few minutes to process it. It usually takes ½ of the file length. For example if your audio file is 30 minutes long, it will takes around 15 minutes to get it transcribed.

Auto Submit
Weak internet connectivity or very large files can make the upload process slower than usual. In that case, it might be annoying to stay in front of your screen being able to click on proceed. When you turn on the auto-submit option, Happy Scribe automatically transcribes your file when the upload reaches 100%.
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