How to use the editor ?

Our Interactive Editor is the ultimate accompaniment to our transcription services and helps you to polish your transcription so let's look at some of the main tools available.

We use a Karaoke mode to highlight in blue the word being spoken and this allows you to easily follow along.

The control panel helps you to use the interactive editor.

Add a speaker easily, by clicking on '+ Add speaker' to the left of the text.

Edit your title and transcript for a better usability

Undo and Redo easily :)

Find and Replace. If our system has repeatedly transcribed the same word incorrectly, speed up the editing process by replacing the word with another in your entire script.

Add a timestamp in your text (Will be added before the word being played)

Export your transcripts in SRT, VTT, PDF, WORD, PDF, TXT, STL - But also share a view-only version.

Click on 'Shortcuts' to become a transcriber ninja

Select 'Settings' for more advanced settings like your version history and to activate the Open Dyslexic font.
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