Making subtitles for long files
Currently on Happy Scribe, a standard way of creating subtitles is:
You create a transcript
Proofread it
Re-Align the file: to make sure that any edits that you did in the proofreading step are now aligned
Export .srt

Nevertheless, if your audio file is longer than one hour you may not be able to align it, because of a current limitation of our service.

As a workaround, we have created SRT Merging at Happy Scribe.

What is SRT Merging at Happy Scribe?

This is a special service we offer to all our users who need to stitch 2 or more SRT files back together once they have been transcribed.

How can I use SRT Merging?

If your file is longer than one hour, simply cut it into two or more parts (each part can be up to 60 minutes).
Upload your files to Happy Scribe and transcribe the audio or video to text.
Once you are happy with your edits, you can align them without problems.
Send us an email at and we can merge these files together as one SRT file. Magic :)

Do I need to pay for SRT Merging?

SRT Merging is 100% free for all our users. This is an extra service we are offering to make your workflow even easier.
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