How do I stack my AppSumo codes?

You got some codes and are wondering how can you redeem them on your Happy Scribe account? No worries, it's very easy! You can stack your codes simply by clicking here.

Please take into consideration that all codes needed to be redeemed within 60 days of purchase, although we extended it to 3 months as courtesy.

Is there a maximum amount of codes I can stack?

No, you can stack as many codes as you wish!

Is translation available on Happy Scribe?

Yes, it is! You'll find an article linked below with more information on which languages can you translate to/from, and how to do so :)

Does my AppSumo plan cover translation?

Yes, it does! There is no extra cost involved to use our automatic translation tool in any of the 23 languages available.

Do you have a Public Roadmap?

We don't have an official Roadmap per se, but we have an open forum with all of you in which you can suggest ideas and give us feedback on what would you like Happy Scribe to become, and what would be useful for you.

Also, we thought we would share this page with you. This is where we post all our product updates and pesky bug fixes. Stay tuned for more updates!

When do I get my monthly renewals?

Your renewals are set to the 1st of each month! So if you buy on Sept 15th then the next recharge will be Oct 1st, then Nov 1st, and so on!

Do my hours roll over to the next month?

No, your unused hours do not roll over to the next month, but you'll always have more hours waiting for you the next month!

How do I get the 50% discount?

You simply need to make a purchase on Happy Scribe, and the discount will be applied automatically on the checkout page.

Does the discount apply to Professional Transcription?

No, it doesn't. The discount is only valid for automatic transcription credit.

How do Workspaces work?

You can create Workspaces to share with your coworkers, team members, or anyone with an email address! They'll be able to view, edit, and even download the files you share with them. The only thing they won´t be able to do is to upload files using your credit, in order to do so, they'll need to have their own credit available.

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