How do refunds work?

This article aims to clarify how refunds work and the steps involved in receiving a refund from Happy Scribe.

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❗️ Please note that refunds are processed in accordance with our refund policy, which you can review here.

Refund Method

When you receive a refund from Happy Scribe, it will always be credited back to the original payment method you used for the transaction. This ensures a straightforward and transparent refund process.

Refunds and Wallet credit

If you initially used credit from your Wallet to pay for a file and then decide to cancel it, the refunded amount will be added back to your Wallet. This way, you can easily utilize the credit for future transactions on the platform. If you wish to receive a refund of th eremaining credit in your Wallet, please write our team at

Processing Time

After a refund is initiated on our end, it is typically processed immediately. However, please keep in mind that the timeframe for the refund to appear in your bank account may vary, and it may take between 5-10 business days for your bank to reflect the refund in your account. The exact duration depends on your bank's policies and processing times.


Please note that our refund policy may be subject to change. We advise reviewing the policy periodically to stay informed about any updates or modifications.

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