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How can I edit the information on my invoices?
How can I edit the information on my invoices?
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The information that appears on your invoices is the information you filled in in your Workspace billing area.

Due to a new European regulation, since July 1st, it is only possible to modify invoices that haven't been paid and marked as final. Once an invoice is made final, you will no longer be able to edit the legally binding invoice information:

- invoice number

- invoice date

- tax ID / VAT number

- invoice items' prices and tax rates

Other modifications, such as editing the description item, the address (except the country, as it is used for tax calculation), and adding tags, will still be allowed.

All you need to do is go to Settings & members > Billing and edit the information. The invoicing platform will sync within a few minutes and you'll see the updated invoices.

We made this change to ensure Happy Scribe is optimized for compliance with invoicing standards worldwide and aligned with best practices, so we really appreciate your understanding!

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