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Automating your workflow with the Vimeo App
Automating your workflow with the Vimeo App

If you use Vimeo and want to make your workflow more efficient, take a look at how to install this App.

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We're happy to announce our new Vimeo App on Happy Scribe. If you use this tool and want an efficient way to get transcriptions or subtitles for your videos, read on to discover how to install this App in your Happy Scribe Workspace.

Please note that this App will only allow you to upload files from Vimeo into Happy Scribe, and it does not support exporting files to Vimeo at the moment. Due to Vimeo's limitations, is also required for you to have a Vimeo Standard, Advanced or Enterprise account in order to connect to it.

Installing the Vimeo App

  • Start by clicking Apps on the navigation bar on the left side of your dashboard.

  • Click on New Appin the top-right corner.

  • Click Connect next to the Vimeo logo.

  • Give Happy Scribe permission to access your files through the pop-up.

Using the Vimeo App

  • On the navigation bar, you'll find your Vimeo App as a subfolder under Apps.

  • Click to open it and search for the file.

  • Click on Upload next to the file name.

  • Choose between Transcription, Subtitles, or Foreign language subtitles.

  • Choose between the Automatic (80% accuracy) or Human-made service (99% accuracy).

  • Submit the file.

  • When the file is ready, it will be ready in the Apps folder in a dropdown menu underneath the original file.

    Note: Currently, it's not possible to move this to another folder in your Workspace.

This feature is currently in Beta, and we're working hard to ensure it runs smoothly in order to release it soon. If you'd like to take part in the Beta, let us know by sending an email to

We hope you enjoy this feature and welcome any feedback you may have.

Got any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us by opening the chat window on the bottom right of your Dashboard, or by sending us an email at

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