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How do I stay active at Happy Scribe?
How do I stay active at Happy Scribe?

Find out what levels of engagement a scribe needs to have to be considered an active member of our community.

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To maintain and grow the scribe community, it is of key relevance to understand how engaged our scribes are.

Each member of the scribe community is unique and different— this affects their available time and dedication, which is fully understandable.

Moreover, external circumstances such as language demand and seasonality are taken into account to ensure that we keep a fair picture of scribe activity.

While taking the above into account, we have to enforce some limits on scribe activity to make sure that scribes understand what minimum level of engagement is required.

We understand that some contracted scribes end up losing interest in being engaged either for external or personal reasons, however unfortunate we find this.

We also foresee that not all scribes will request to have their account terminated if this is the case.

As a rule of thumb:

  • We will never terminate scribe agreements when they last submitted a gig less than 2 months ago for the sole reason of inactivity.

  • We may unfortunately terminate scribe accounts that last submitted a claim more than 4 months ago.

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