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Can I use Happy Scribe for a one-off project?
Can I use Happy Scribe for a one-off project?

Can I pay per project or do I need a subscription?

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If you'd like to use the Automatic (AI) service:

We no longer offer pay-as-you-go for our Automatic Service

If you'd be using Happy Scribe on a one-off basis, then you'd be able to subscribe just for the month you need our services.

Our plans can be viewed on our pricing page.

You can cancel the plan within the billing period to stop it auto-renewing.

You'd still be able to use our services until the end of that billing period.

If you'd like to use the Human-made service:

The Human-made service would allow you to purchase the files/projects individually using a per-minute rate.

You can find the pricing for this service in this article

This service does not require a subscription.

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