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Do you provide verbatim transcription?
Do you provide verbatim transcription?
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Happy Scribe does not typically provide verbatim transcription services. If you have a specific request for verbatim, please reach out to

Moreover, you have the option to add the verbatim manually by using our Interactive Editor.

What is verbatim transcription?

Verbatim transcription captures every single word and sound from a video or audio file in text, the exact same way those words were originally spoken, and it includes absolutely everything, from filler words, and false starts, to grammatical errors, as well as any other cues that might provide helpful context and set the scene of the scenario in which the file was recorded. That means capturing not just what was said on the audio, but also how was it said and in what circumstances it was said.

What's the difference between verbatim and non-verbatim transcription?

Verbatim is where a transcriptionist types in everything they hear, including non-speech sounds, interjections or signs of active listening, filler words, false starts, self-corrections, and stutters. This type of transcript requires a keen ear and attention to detail, and that's why this kind of transcription costs a little bit extra.

Non-verbatim transcription, on the other hand, is cleaned up to remove filler words, stammers, and anything that takes away from the core message of what's being said.

How do you transcribe verbatim?

  1. You need to capture every word as it is heard

  2. Don't leave out any non-verbal communication, such as signs of active listening (aha, mhm..)

  3. Don't forget those fillers, stutters, and false starts

  4. Note any external sounds, such as a door closing, background conversations, a baby crying...

Verbatim transcriptions should be used when:

  • Directly quoting a source

  • Conducting a focus group or a research study

  • Preparing legal documents and statements

If you'd like to expand more on this information, you can read more about verbatim transcriptions here, here, and here! Or check out our other article on verbatim.

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