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What type of transcription/subtitles do you offer?
What type of transcription/subtitles do you offer?
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At Happy we only offer clean-read transcription and do not provide Verbatim transcription at the moment.
A clean read transcript aims to make the text legible, concise, and clear, without changing the meaning or definition of speech, or the speaker's intention. Repetitions, stutters, or false starts are left out. In the case of repetitions, they are allowed if the speaker is intentionally repeating certain words for emphasis.

Some things to take into account:

  1. We transcribe the entire audio, meaning that we transcribe subtitles even if they are already embedded.

  2. We only transcribe the primary language of the audio. If another language is included in the audio, we will use a [foreign tag] for those sections of the audio.

  3. We don't correct speakers' grammar. If the speaker makes grammar or vocabulary mistakes when speaking, we will transcribe it as spoken. We will not make any changes to the speakers speech.

If you would like to know more about the rules our transcribers follow, you can see our guidelines for every language by clicking here.

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