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When signing up for a Happy Scribe account or resetting your password, it is essential to receive a confirmation email to validate your account or complete the password reset process. However, there are instances when the confirmation email might not appear in your inbox.

Check your Spam folder

Sometimes, email providers mistakenly mark legitimate emails as spam or junk. Start by checking your spam or junk folder in your email account.

Search for an email from Happy Scribe, and if you find the confirmation email in the spam or junk folder, mark it as "Not Spam" to ensure future emails from Happy Scribe are delivered to your inbox.

Wait for a Few Minutes

It's possible that there could be a slight delay in email delivery. Wait for a few minutes and refresh your inbox. While waiting, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that your email provider's servers are functioning properly.

Double-Check Email Address

Make sure that you entered the correct email address during the registration or password reset process.

Double-check for any typos or spelling errors that might have resulted in the confirmation email being sent to the wrong address. It happens more often than you'd think!

Resend the Confirmation Email

If you have checked your Spam folder, waited for some time, and verified your email address, but still haven't received the confirmation email, try resending it.

Look for an option to resend the confirmation email and click on it. Wait for a few minutes and check your inbox again, including the spam or junk folder.

Whitelist Happy Scribe's Email Address

To ensure that future emails from Happy Scribe reach your inbox, add our email domain (@happyscribe.com) to your email provider's whitelist or trusted contacts list.


If it's still not there, no worries!

Remember, email delivery can occasionally be affected by technical issues or delays beyond our control. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined above, you can increase the chances of receiving the confirmation email promptly and successfully activating your Happy Scribe account.

If none of the steps above worked, contact us via chat or send us an email at hi@happyscribe.com and we'll gladly help you! 😄

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