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Human-made turnaround time

When will my file be ready?

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At Happy Scribe we strive to deliver all files under 24 hours, nevertheless the turnaround for our smaller verticals might be higher. You will be able to see the expected turnaround when requesting a human transcription from the uploader.

English, French & Spanish

Under 24 hours

German and Dutch

Under 36 hours

Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Catalan

Under 48 hours

Please keep in mind that other factors might affect the delivery time:

  • The quality of the audio in the file uploaded.

  • Difficult terms, acronyms, or specialised language.

  • Multiple speakers.

  • Closed speaker accents.

For a more accurate estimation of when your file is going to be ready, you can check the estimated arrival in your dashboard

You can help our Scribes by providing specific vocabulary that might appear in your files. You can do that by filling in your My vocabulary page before submitting the file.

On some occasions, due to high volumes on the queue, the Scribes might not be able to claim your files in a timely manner, so additional delays may occur. Please know that we are currently in the process of contracting more Scribes to reduce these delays.

How can I get my files back faster? πŸš€

If you're in a hurry and need your file back as soon as possible, you can boost your order! This will get your file back 10x faster!

You can order this from within the uploader for an additional 1.00/minute.

πŸ’‘ Currently only available for Human-made orders in English, French and Spanish

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