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Does Happy Scribe offer SDH captioning?
Does Happy Scribe offer SDH captioning?

Find out how Happy Scribe can accommodate your needs for SDH captioning.

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Happy Scribe typically offers clean-read subtitles without atmospherics or speaker labelling, only capturing speech. As such, our subtitles are mostly suitable for audiences without hearing disabilities. However, we strive to be an accessible platform for all and we are happy to come up with solutions together, and we do work with freelancers with prior experience in this.

If you are an individual or company in need of subtitles for the d/Deaf and/or hard-of-hearing, whether in the same language as the audio or as translated subtitles, you are welcome to reach out to so we can take a look at your specific project. Please note that this option is available for our human product, not the automatic product.

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