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Workspaces on Happy Scribe give you a platform to collaborate on your projects under one roof. All the users will have their own login information to ensure efficiency and security.

How do I invite users to my Workspace?

  • Click on Settings in the lower-left corner of the Dashboard.

  • Under User management, click on Add users.

  • You'll be able to add the email address of the user and assign permission level before sending the invite.

Are there other ways to invite users to my Workspace?

Yes! We also have a "Join by domain" method which can make the whole process more efficient by having all email address with your company domain automatically added to your Workspace.

Find out more by clicking here.

What are the different permission levels?

Owner: The highest level of permission, responsible for billing and managing the account. Can also delete the Workspace.

Admin: Same rights as the Owner without the responsibility for billing. Is able to manage the subscription plan and Workspace.

Member: Able to access all files on Workspace. Cannot change settings or invite others.

Guest: Can only view files or folders specifically shared with them. They can be categorised with the following access rights:

How do I remove users from my Workspace?

  • Click on Settings in the lower-left corner of the Dashboard

  • Under User management, click the 3 dots next to the user.

  • Click Remove

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