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A quick guide on sharing and collaboration on Happy Scribe.

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How to share a file

From the dashboard:

  • Click on the 3 dots (...) to the right of the file name

  • Click Share

From within the file:

  • Click Share in the top-right corner of the Editor

  • Add the email address and assign access level

How to share via URL

If you'd rather share a link with another person instead of inviting them to Happy Scribe, we have the option for you.

  • Click Share.

  • Toggle on Share with a link.

  • Copy the View or Edit link and share it with the other person

How to share a project/folder

  • Go to project folder and click Share.

  • Add their email address,

  • Assign their access level - don't worry if you forget, you can change this later on.

What are the different access rights?

Below, you'll find a table with the various options for access and their permissions ⬇️


View & Comment

Edit Files

Share Files

Full access

Can edit

Can view

How to invite someone outside of my workspace?

External collaborators are Guests on Happy Scribe who:

  • Won't have access to projects/files that are shared with the whole workspace.

  • Will need to be specifically invited to each file and folder, using the process described above.

It's important to note:

  • If the guest does not have an account, they'll need to sign up.

  • After signing up, the files shared with them will appear until the heading Shared, on the left side of the dashboard

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