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Happy Scribe Public is our online treasure trove of free podcast transcripts. Our aim is simple: to create a space for podcast followers to discuss and engage with their favorite podcasts.

However, we didn't realize just how big of a community this platform would become! So after speaking to our lovely community we learned that:

  • 87% of you wish to find the name of a book or film that their favorite podcast mentioned

  • 95% of you take notes while listening to their favorite podcasts

  • 78% of you discuss a segment of an episode

By having a searchable transcript on each episode page, our platform address all 3 points.

Additionally, an important concern that many podcast followers mentioned (on Twitter) was that the majority of the podcasts lack accessibility. Hence, they are not accessible for the hard-of-hearing community and those who wish to read rather than listen. With this concern in mind and having free transcripts on our platform, we are able to deliver accessibility to the podcast's followers.

And after 6 months, Happy Scribe Public has attracted 15k monthly users from around the world and gained 150k monthly views.

You can check us out here: https:///www.happyscribe.com/public.


We have stopped this project on April 2021, but all past transcripts are still available online

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