Do you have a Public Roadmap?
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We know how much you wonderful Happy Scribers love a Roadmap :)

Here at Happy Scribe, we believe in doing things a little differently. We don't have an official roadmap per se, but we have an open forum with all of you in which you can suggest ideas and give us feedback on what would you like Happy Scribe to become, and what would be useful for you.

We will change the status of those ideas and feedback depending on how viable they are for us at the time. Here is a little explanation on each status:

  • Under review: We are considering this

  • Planned: We are planning to work on this

  • In progress: We are actively working on this

  • Complete: We are done working on this

Also, we thought we would share this page with you. This is our Changelog, where we post all our product updates and pesky bug fixes. Stay tuned for more updates!

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