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Exclusive discount for Sumo-lings
Exclusive discount for Sumo-lings
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Written by Maria Zenagui Glaïli
Updated over a week ago

If you are a Sumo-ling, and bought at least one Appsumo code, then you are entitled to 50% on all extra credit for automatic transcription on Happy Scribe 😄

Here's how to get the 50% discount :

  1. Click on Credits

  2. Use the slider to choose the amount of credit you'd like to purchase. The discount is already applied!

  3. Purchase your additional hours with a bank card.

Just a couple of things to take into consideration:

  • These extra credits will not expire, and will roll-off to the next month until you use them!

  • This discount only applies to automatic credit hours (machine-generated service), not the Human-made service.

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