Exclusive discount for Sumo-lings
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If you are a Sumo-ling, and bought at least one Appsumo code, then you are entitled to 50% on all extra credit for automatic transcription on Happy Scribe 😄

Here's how to get the 50% discount :

  1. Click on Credits

  2. Use the slider to choose the amount of credit you'd like to purchase. The discount is already applied!

  3. Purchase your additional hours with a bank card.

Note on extra credit

  • The extra credits you purchase will not expire and will roll over to the next month until you have utilized them. This ensures that you have ample time to make the most of your additional credit.

  • Please note that the 50% discount only applies to automatic credit hours, which are generated using machine transcription. The discount does not apply to the Human-made service.

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