How long does it take to process a file?
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Many of you reach out wondering how long is the process, from the Upload to having it ready to be worked on your Dashboard.

When it comes to the initial Upload, it will only take us a few minutes to import it from your link/computer.

Afterward, you'll see your file appear in your Dashboard, and the status will show as ' Working'.

As a rule of thumb, we usually take half the length of your audio/video file to finish processing it in order to create your transcript or subtitle file.

So for example, if your file is 30 minutes long, we will transcribe it within 15 minutes. Sometimes, it can be a little longer if it's a video file.

While the file appears as 'Working', you don't need to babysit it! You can close the browser, work on other files, or watch your favorite show, it won't affect the processing speed at all πŸ˜„

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