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How to upload a file from Dropbox?
How to upload a file from Dropbox?
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On Happy Scribe, we do not limit the size of the file you upload to our platform. Sometimes these files are stored on your Dropbox account and you can upload them directly from Dropbox to Happy Scribe.

Here's how :

  • From your Happy Scribe dashboard, click on 'Upload a new file'. Here you will be presented with this pop up :

Click on Dropbox on the left side and then you will be given the option to Connect Dropbox.

Once you click on 'Connect Dropbox', you will be redirected to Dropbox where you'll be prompted to sign-in ⬇️

Once you have signed in, your Dropbox account will be synced to Happy Scribe and you can select the files which you want to upload!

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