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How does the timeline work?
How does the timeline work?
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The Timeline allows you to see a live representation of how captions are positioned on your file timeline.

Your subtitles appear in the Timeline as clips. These clips can be :

  • Made shorter

  • Made longer

  • Moved to adjust the timecodes

To edit, simply click and drag on the clip which you want to edit until you're happy with the length and the changes will be automatically saved.

In addition, it has some great features :

  • A blue cursor moves with the audio as it plays to show you exactly where you are in your audio file.

  • You can edit the Start and End timecodes directly from the Timeline.

  • At the bottom of the Timeline, a sound-wave helps you to better sync your captions with your audio track by highlighting where there audio appears and where there are moments of silence in your file.

  • You can also pause the audio by clicking on the clip

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