Batch actions - download, move, duplicate and delete multiple files

With large projects, the ability to select multiple files and manage them saves a lot of time - and who doesn't love saving time? 😄

  • Select your files

  • Select the option required in the pop-up bar at the bottom of the screen ⬇️

Downloading your files

  • Select the files you want to export

  • Click Download on the bar in the bottom corner

  • Exporting multiple files will download as a folder on your computer

Moving your files

  • Select your files you'd like to move

  • Click Move

  • Select the new location in the pop-out that appears. You can move your files to a folder within your project, to a different project, or to your own private folders

Duplicating your files

  • Select the files you'd like to copy,

  • Click Duplicate. Your copies will be generated instantly in the same project

  • Use this feature together with "moving your files" to organise your files.

Deleting your files

  • Select your files you'd like to delete

  • Click Delete, confirming your choice to proceed - your files will be archived before being permanently removed from the server

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