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Step-by-step: How to translate your subtitles
Step-by-step: How to translate your subtitles

Do you have a file in one language and want to generate the subtitles in another? We've got you covered.

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If you have a file (for example, in Spanish) and you want to get subtitles in another language (for example, English). You'll need to take the following steps to achieve this:

  • Upload your file by clicking Create in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

  • Select Subtitles

  • Select the language spoken in the file (not the output language)

  • Choose between the Human-made (consult the prices here) or the Machine generated service

  • If using the Machine generated Service, advertised at 80% accuracy, you'll need to review and correct the file to bring up the accuracy and complete the file.
    If using the Human-made service, we will return you a 99% accurate file according to our guidelines.

  • Once the original file is accurate, then you can generate the translation πŸŽ‰
    You can do this by clicking the languages button in the Editor:

πŸ’‘ If using the machine generated service, it's important you do not miss the step for review and correction.

If this is missed, any remaining mistakes will also be translated and lead to an inaccurate result.

πŸ’‘ If you do not speak the original language, consider using the Human-made service to get a solid base for translation.

Got any questions? πŸ€”

Feel free to get in touch with us by sending a message to or by opening the chat button.

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