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Tutorial - How to create subtitles
Tutorial - How to create subtitles
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Need subtitles for your video? Not sure where to start? Read on to discover more.

πŸ”Ό Step 1: Upload your file

  • Get started by clicking Create to upload your file. You can upload a URL or a media file - find our accepted file formats here.

  • Click on Subtitles.

  • Upload your file using the options on the left side.

  • Select the audio language.

  • Select the service you require (Automatic or Human-made).

  • Review your selection and click Create to submit your file! πŸŽ‰

Already have the transcript on your dashboard?

You can convert this into subtitles from within the Transcript Editor.

✏️ Step 2: Use the Subtitle Editor

Now the file has been processed, click the file name on your dashboard to open the Subtitle Editor.

  • When using the Automatic Service, we strongly recommend reviewing and correcting the file before downloading it.

  • Use the Editor to quickly correct any errors or mishears, as well as add any words.

  • Found multiple, repeating mistakes? Use the Find feature to quickly correct them in one-go!

  • Click on Sync to adjust the number of lines, characters per second, characters per line, subtitle duration and time between subtitles. You can also realign the audio and text.

  • Click Style to make customisations to your subtitles' appearance

  • Words in blue follow what's being played as it's spoken. Words in red are highlighted by the AI as areas it was not completely confident in the result. This helps identify areas to pay close attention to in the proofreading process.

  • If you'd rather we proofread this for you, you might wish to use the Human-made service.

🌐 Want to translate your subtitles into another language?

Once your file is completely accurate in the original language, then you can generate the Automatic translation into another language. Following this workflow will ensure you get the best quality translation.

πŸ”½ Step 3: Export your subtitles

Now that your subtitles are ready to be shown to the world, all that's left now is to download them!

  • In the Editor, click Export in the top-right corner.

  • Choose between Subtitles (SRT, VTT, TXT) or Video with subtitles (an MP4 file with embedded subtitles)

  • If you're looking for subtitles where the viewer can toggle them on/off, you'd need the Subtitles file which is then uploaded to your video hosting platform (such as YouTube or Vimeo)

What formats are available

The file formats available will depend on what plan you're on.

  • Basic plan: SRT, TXT, DOCX, PDF and MP4 with embedded subtitles.

  • Pro/Business plans and Human-made files: MP4 with embedded subtitles, SRT, TXT, DOCX, PDF, VTT, STL, HTML, XML, FCPXML, JSON, EDL, CSV.

It's important to note that if you choose DOCX or PDF, the text will be divided into captions, similar to a script and won't appear as a transcript.

Got any questions?

Reach out to or press the chat button for help.

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