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Timecodes and realigning audio with text
Timecodes and realigning audio with text

How to set your own starting timecode and how to re-align your audio with your text.

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Some of our customers upload their files to Happy Scribe and have different requirements for their timecodes. For example, if you were to upload many segments of files to Happy Scribe and later put them together with editing software outside of our platform. In this case, your starting timecode would not always start at 00:00:00.00 but might start at 00:00:50.00.

  • By pressing the Timecode button in the Transcript editor, you'll be able to easily set your starting timecode to your suit your needs.

My audio and text are out of sync - How can I re-align this? 🙏

  • Open more options by clicking (...) in the bottom-right corner of the editor.

  • Next to Align audio and text, click on Realign and you'll be taken back to the dashboard whilst your file realigns. It shouldn't take too long depending on the duration of your file - longer files can take a bit longer to realign.

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