Whether VAT is applied on your invoice depends on your location. If you are in the EU, you will be subject to EU VAT. Outside of the EU, VAT is not added to your invoices.

I am a VAT registered company in the EU, should VAT appear on my invoice?

If you are VAT registered as a company in the EU, the tax on your invoices will be subject to reverse charge.

This means that VAT will not appear on your final invoice as we take care of this for you. It's important to note that the final price will not change based on providing us with a VAT number.

In addition to this, a note of "Tax subject to reverse charge" should appear as a note on the invoice.

How can I add my EU VAT number?

  • First, ensure that it's a valid number for purchases within the EU. You can check this by using the EU's VIES service

  • Go to My Account > Settings, and then add your VAT number (Don't forget the 2 letter country code at the beginning!)

  • Our system will verify the number and your future invoices will reflect the reverse charge.

What if I'm based outside of the EU?

If you are based outside of the EU, then you are automatically exempt from VAT and it will not appear on your invoices. The price will remain the same and you should proceed with the price that you see on the screen.

I think I still need help

No problem - if you're unsure about anything or if you have any questions, you're more than welcome to get in touch by sending a message to hi@happyscribe.com or by opening the chat on our website.

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